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Opening hours


Monday 8.30- 3.15

Tuesday 8.30-3.15


Morning sessions run from 9.00 and finish at 12.00, just before lunch.


Afternoon sessions run from 12.00- 3.00 and include lunch time.


Stawley Pre-school is open from 9.00-3.00 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.





£4.05 per hour


Funding of 15 hours per week is available for ALL three year olds. We also accept 30 hours funding for those who are eligible.


​Registration Fee

We ask for a registration fee of £20 to cover the start up costs of each new child. 

Snack Contribution

We ask parents to pay 50p per day to contribute to their child’s snack. We give the children a varied, healthy snack of fresh fruit, vegetables, toast and milk or water for their mid-morning snack, often supplemented by something we have baked ourselves!

Sampford Arundel Somerset
TA21 9QN
Headteacher: Mrs Jacqui Collier
Telephone: (01823) 672342 


School Secretary: Mrs Diane Horne

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