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Harper's Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of one of our very special children.  In Sampford Arundel Primary School we say that we are very much like a family. This allows us to work closely with the children and really explore who they are and what their many talents are.

This was never more true than for one little girl, Harper Karaline Pumfrey. 

Harper entered into our Preschool like a whirlwind - dynamic - full of energy - sweeping everyone and everything up in her path.  If ever there was a child to defy the laws of physics, it would be her as many times she tried.

As she moved into Class One she encountered Reading, Writing and Maths with her own unique take on each.  She worked hard, when she chose, whilst she carefully considered her next attempt to defy gravity. 

At the front of our school there is the Victorian door, the old entrance to the school.  She was caught lassoing the apex of the roof with a skipping rope and attempting to climb up it.  Her attempt was really quite a good one - her name is to be engraved on a brick at the height she got to - our stonemason is not quite sure how he is going to engrave one so high!

Once she entered Class Two her artistic talents truly grew and she was able to showcase them with more confidence.  She also learnt the art of debate, often this was around the key Maths skills such as Multiplication and fractions, however, with a wry smile she persevered.

This academic year we have introduced a new end of year trophy in Harper's name.  Amongst her many talents of defying the forces of nature, Harper was the most fantastic Artist, Singer and Actress.  This year we are dedicating an Art Award in her name.  The recipient will be announced at the Leaver's assembly in July.

Our thoughts and hearts remain with Lee, Heidi, Keeley, Logan and Reuben, forever part of our Sampford family.

Thank you for being a wonderful part of our school family.  You will never be forgotten.