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Oh what a week!

What a week class 2 had last week. It was SATs week for year 6s so everyone else in the class did optional SATs but that was just the start of it.

Some of the year 6s wrote about their week:

"Last week was stressful, but OK at the same time. I thought that the tests would be harder but the only hard test was the Reading and the first Maths Reasoning," said Phoebe. She went on to say, "Before every test the year sixes had a breakfast and it was really fun for us, but not so fun for the teachers making it." We didn't mind at all - we found it fun as well!!

Lucile added, "Every morning at quarter past eight we came to school for a wonderful breakfast. Mrs McClelland served us with cereal, toast, croissants, pain au chocolate and crumpets. On the last day, Friday, she cooked us a lovely cooked breakfast. We had bacon, hash browns, beans and scrambled egg. The breakfast really helped me concentrate and made me much more relaxed. Consequently I did better in my tests."

They needed all the help they could get to concentrate on Wednesday. As George said, "Half way through Wednesday's test some men started drilling the road and we couldn't concentrate. We had to send Mrs Daw out to stop the drilling!"

At the end of the week the whole class celebrated the end of tests.

Jack said, "First we had a normal morning but then an amazing afternoon. We watched (at the end of the party) Creature Comforts which is where they interview real people from Bristol and put their voices on animated animals."

Alyssa added, "It was the best party ever because my friends were right there with me."

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