Tennis in Wiveliscombe

"Yesterday some of the year 4s, 3s and 2s went to a tennis tournament. It was in Wiveliscombe. We all met in the car park. We couldn't find our way in but then we did. I love playing tennis. I wish I could do it again," said Abbie.

William explained, "We played six games each and were split into two teams: Team A were the boys; Team B were the girls."

Finnegan said, "I won three games and lost two games. It was very fun. I had a perfect day."

Georgiana commented, "I was really excited to go to the tennis club. We had an early lunch. I went to Wiveliscombe in Summer's mum's car. I sat at the back with Summer. I talked with Summer on the way."

Lucy added, "I learned a new method: bounce the ball then swing it with the bat. I felt comfortable using my imagination - my angel cat called Tas was there to help. I enjoyed it because, even though we came last, I took part."

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