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About Us

Dear Parents and Visitors


I am delighted as the Headteacher of Sampford Arundel Primary School to welcome you to our website and to our school community.


Sampford Arundel  Primary School is a small village school where each member of our whole community feels like family.  Our staff are committed to the development of learning and supporting skills through every aspect of our children’s lives.  In this small school every child shines for their uniqueness as well as their strength in working together.


Our work in the classrooms is very interactive and makes very good use of the wonderful resources around us.  Our parents, who have a key part to play in the school, support us in giving our children a varied and exciting learning experience.


We have very supportive governors who work closely with the school helping us to go from strength to strength and even supporting our after school clubs.  Our Friends of Sampford Arundel School are a hard working group who make sure we can provide our children with a wide variety of opportunities for learning, they even support us with hands on learning in the classroom.


If you would like to find out more about our school you are very welcome to come and visit us. Our children are always happy to show visitors around the school and give valuable insight into our school family.

We look forward to seeing you soon,


Jacqui Collier



Dear Children


Welcome to Sampford Arundel Primary School’s Website. This website has a lot of information about our school on it but one of the most important things you will see is the photographs of our happy children.  You might notice that our children spend a lot of time smiling and laughing! 


In Sampford Arundel Primary School we have two classes and a Preschool which runs every Monday and Tuesday.  Our Preschool children are part of our family too and very often our children help them to learn, work and play. 


The rest of the school is divided into two classes, this means that all our children play with lots of different year groups.  Our older children help our younger children with skills they themselves have already learnt and our younger children help our older children remember how to play with the most fun toys!


If you are lucky enough to come to our school you will be part of our family from the first day you walk through our gates. Our children and staff are very clever at working out each other’s special talents and every one of our children enjoys making new friends.


I really look forward to meeting you when you come to our school,

Until then, with very best wishes


Mrs Collier

Sampford Arundel Somerset
TA21 9QN
Headteacher: Mrs Jacqui Collier
Telephone: (01823) 672342 


School Secretary: Mrs Diane Horne

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